I was born and raised in Gardnerville, Nevada and spent my childhood in nature and traveling with my family. Music and playing the viola became my passion and I studied viola performance in Ohio and Colorado, receiving both and B.M. and a M.M. After playing professionally in the States for a year, I decided to explore Europe. Since my family is from Corsica, I moved there and spent a wonderful year playing Corsican folk music and staging my own Music Festival on the south of the island.

At this point I injured myself (non-music related) and wasn’t able to play the viola for several months. With that wonderful sense of timing that the universe occasionally has, it was at this point that I discovered the Feldenkrais method.  It changed the way I looked at everything, including myself. I graduated as a Feldenkrais Practitioner in Vienna in 2019.

I have been lucky enough to teach Feldenkrais in many countries, including Austria, Norway, Russia, Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, and the USA. I have also worked with many groups of musicians, both professional and students. Knowing how many of my musical colleagues succumb to injury through playing has given me a new insight into my own playing, and how I can help young musicians avoid damage.

I live in Vienna, Austria with my husband and wonderful Emily. Any time I have a free moment, I am on a plane to a new country and adventure.